Alexander's Ragtime Band

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Welcome to Alexander's Ragtime Band

Alexander's Ragtime Band plays and loves the original Jazz. The bands' specialty is the combination of two trumpets with the original line-up of early Jazz bands. We play the style of King Oliver & Louis Armstrong, Lu Watters & Bob Scobey and of Jelly Roll Morton, the old time Jazz of the first half of the 20th century.

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The music is rooted within the collective interplay. We interpret the music theme collectively and improvise freely when performing instrumental solos. Our specialty is the two-part dialogue of the trumpets. While Alexander's Ragtime Band envisions the ancient shellac records we complement these with the fresh taste of our time. The Band plays spontaneously and improvises along the way. The repertoire includes Dixieland, New Orleans Jazz, Swing, Boogie-Woogie, Blues, Ragtime, marches, Tangos, creole rhythms, standars. Alexander's Ragtime Band plays this music for you, as entertainment, as a concert or as accompaniment to dancing events.

Alexander's Ragtime Band strives to bring the "joie de vivre" of old Jazz back to the people. Our music appeals not only to Jazz lovers, but also to people of all generations, who enjoy a laid-back atmosphere with hot rhythms - especially to those, who like to move and dance.


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